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Writer’s Cramp

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A depressed day

Never thought I’d be saying I had this. God knows there’s probably a million things to write about. How my kids drive me crazy. How my fiancée drives me crazy. How I’m tired of being in pain. How my back hurts and my hands hurt.

Trying to keep my website afloat. Write for this blog, post on another. No one told me how hard this would be. Only three followers? Really? Am I that much of a horrible writer or is it my content? Am I not promoting myself enough among the MILLIONS of other blogs out there in cyberspace?

I tried to share a personal story with the world about my son Lakota  and I barely had 200 people read it. I swear I think I’m bipolar because my mind is constantly racing about what to write next, should I have written something different, why can’t I get noticed? Watch out depression, I am slowly crawling back to you.

I can’t do that. I can’t let it steal me away again. I love to write, so I will write. No matter who reads it. Maybe I’ll be like most famous people and only get noticed after I’m dead and gone. Fifty years from now, people will say, “Wow, she was a great writer, too bad she’s gone.” I will turn over in my grave and say, “Finally!” Too late for a party then, I suppose.

Oh well, I guess I just have to keep trying at it. I’ll get an inspiration soon. I’ll write about it and people will be in masses to read it. For now, I guess I’ll just settle on my current following. Because these are the people who will grow with me and I with them. When I become a famous, accomplished writer, I will say” thanks to these people”, I am able to share my success! We will sing and dance and brainstorm together. We will write together and our writings will be studied by our grandchildren’s children. Because the written word is better than the spoken word.

I want to share some articles with you. It’s time to take a break and watch some move clips: Dancing! The best dance scenes I could find in movies. I had to make it a series because there’s so many good ones. Let me know what you think. I really do enjoy (need) your comments. They motivate me and inspire me to….write.

Best Dance Scenes from movies – Pt. 1

Best Dance Scenes from movies – Pt. 2

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

Thanks for reading and following…God Bless!



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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Cramp

  1. Hi Stayingalivemoma,
    You have a great blog here! I got your fanmail on hubpages, thank you. If you ever have any questions, please ask. Your blog has a wonderful start with great articles, I love the picture of Tom here and so do my daughters. Blogging takes time to build, you do not start out with a ton of traffic unfortunately. It does take some work but doesn’t have to be a full time job either. Your readership will grow and I am sure it will continue to build. The best advice really is to just keep writing about what you are passionate about (it is easier to write good content that way) and add your blog to all your social profiles. There are other blog directories you can go to also to get your blog noticed.
    You will do great, I know it. You are a great writer!

  2. I didn’t start my blog long ago, probably less than a month ago. I’m just starting to get readers and that fact alone makes me happy. As writers, we want to reach people, even if it is a small handful. Writing is about finding your voice and attracting people who are part of that core audience. I’m just glad I have a few people who think my blog is appealing enough to read.

    I think the probability of becoming famous from writing is low. There are only a handful of famous writers when you think about them compared to the many who have been published and can’t live off of the the work they’ve produced alone. Most have one really great book and then disappear into obscurity.

    It’s not the amount of readers that matter, but the ones who understand your message. That’s what I think, at least. They are the important ones.

    I write about depression and anxiety, so that’s the kind of followers I will end up attracting. I also deal with writing… it’s sad… but writing and depression are common among each other. Many writers lose themselves because the work itself is draining.

    I hope this helped. 🙂

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