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Bye Bye Social Security

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If you’ve followed me here on WordPress or on Hubpages, you already know that I’m fighting for disability. However, in case that doesn’t pan out….I’m either going to be a famous,  world-acclaimed writer….or forced to go back to work with all my lovely health conditions, which will probably result in me being fired because I won’t be able to keep up the charade of being “normal”, if there is such  thing.

Anyway, as I fight through my own depression and seemingly have the weight of the country on my shoulders, I ran across this article today on AOL that made me feel even more depressed, but not that it effects me currently, but I think about all my aging and aged relatives and friends; it just makes you worry like nothing else ever has.

The article was called, “Social Security is Failing Even Faster Than We Thought“. submitted by The Motley Fool, a very reputable, online website based on financial and retirement planning, stocks, etc. The just of the article was that very soon, oh let’s say about 22 years from now, people will not be able to survive off of social security.

What does this mean? It means save, save, save. But how can you save money when you’re already living check to check?

What if your retirement age is in the next five or six years or one year? Does that mean you should continue working? What if at 65. 66 or 67. your health is failing, you haven’t saved money and will only be able to live somewhat comfortably off social security for the next 20 years?

People, talk to your parents, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles, children, hell…talk to your spouse; ask them if they’ve put money away for retirement. Ask them if they have a 401K, Savings account, money under the bed in a suitcase? Be scared. Because this crap is truly scary. Share this post with everyone…not to get me likes or followers, but to get people involved. To make people look at their situation. It’s truly scary to think of an aging population retiring after all those years of service and struggle…only to STILL struggle once they can no longer work.

And, in the end….what is our government prepared to do? What are you going o do or what have you done?

I’d love to hear your comments.


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One thought on “Bye Bye Social Security

  1. I think the biggest problem with Social Security is that they originally designed it for retirement. I think the disability program is great for people who cannot work, but originally the program was not set up for it. I am not sure that they revised it well enough to accommodate both retirement and disability. I don’t know the financials.
    Another problem is that they were way too quick to give people disability for quite some time. I know a few people that get disability for minor mental reasons but yet they are perfectly capable of doing all daily activities, but yet at the time it was an acceptable disability. I had drs that wanted to put me on disability but I didn’t want them to. Mainly because I knew it would be rough to commit to going out to work everyday again, but I had other ways of earning an income.
    I am not posting this comment to say you should not get it, but some people in the past should not have been approved. I mean there are people by me that are pretty much on it because of recovering drug problems. Not sure what the papers said when they filed, but that is what their issue was. That to me is not an acceptable disability. Of course there were also a lot of people who were making themselves sound much worse just to get approved.
    All these people being on it took a toll on the program and it punishes people like you who really deserve to be on it. I do know a couple of other people who really deserve to be on it and are not able to get it now. They have had lawyers trying and state workers trying to help them. It is really hard to get approved for SSD now. It is sad really! SSA is sending out re-evaluations but it is just paperwork the recipient fills out and not anything the dr has to sign.

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