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Indo-Canadians Dress for Success: Saree Blouse Designs 2013

Ring in the New Year right with exquisite saree blouse designs for 2013! Whether you’re in Montreal, Toronto or Calgary, Indo- Canadians can dress for success with ethnic wear from Cbazaar.

Niche Charm Blouse. Photo courtesy of

Niche Charm Blouse. Photo courtesy of

Your blouse design makes any outfit come alive. Pair it with an elegant saree or a beautiful wrap skirt. Or wear it with some nice slacks and jazzy heels.

One thing is for certain, 2013 promises to bring new colors and designs the likes of which we’ve never seen. Your work wardrobe will be impeccable – all while maintaining your ethnic traditions.

When shopping for saree blouse designs in 2013, you have the choice between custom-made or readymade like this readymade Niche Charm Blouse or the Glamourous Green Blouse from Cbazaar.

Glamorous Green Blouse. Photo courtesy of

Glamorous Green Blouse. Photo courtesy of

When the occasion merits wearing something more alluring and extravagant, opt for one of the custom made saree blouse designs for 2013. This Overlapping Sleeve Blue Brocade Blouse is a great choice. These are perfect for business meetings, job interviews or just a night out on the town.

Overlapping Sleeve Blue Brocade Blouse. Photo courtesy of

Overlapping Sleeve Blue Brocade Blouse. Photo courtesy of

*Cbazaar is one of the largest online retailers for ethnic fashion on the internet. They cater to customers all over the world both Hindu, Punjabi and everyone in between, from all walks of life,who love and appreciate elegant and stylish ethnic clothing.

Stone Studded Cream Silk Blouse. Photo courtesy of

Stone Studded Cream Silk Blouse. Photo courtesy of

Keeping with Indian traditions for Indo-Canadians: Indian Wedding Dresses

Purple Applique Net Lehenga Choli. Photo courtesy of Cbazaar.

Purple Applique Net Lehenga Choli. Photo courtesy of Cbazaar.

Indian wedding dresses can vary in style depending on what region of India you are in. Even in other countries like Canada, where many Indian communities are quickly growing, you can see where women wear colors and styles synonymous with their regional and ethnic roots.


Traditionally, Indian women would wear elaborate and magnificent saris on their wedding day. Nowadays, women are looking for more modern and contemporary styles that still reflect their heritage and allow them to be beautiful and feminine. Alluring Indian wedding dresses such as lehenga cholis are in high demand, as it allows the bride to be sensuous and regal looking.


Younger Indian women are also now turning to salwar kameez for their wedding day attire as well. Indian dresses are available for all wedding ceremonial activities, from the sangeet party to the mehendi party. And, while red still remains the choice color for weddings, Indian women are bringing other colors to the table. Turquoise, yellow, rich greens and deep blues are all quickly becoming the new image of the modern day Indian bride.


There’s no need to sacrifice traditional wear for anything less than a jaw-dropping Indian dresses. The dress of your dreams is now just a mouse-click away. Cbazaar offers to-die-for wedding sarees, salwar kameez and Indian wedding dresses like gangra choli and lehenga choli, mesmerizing fish-cut lehengas. Wedding sarees are still beautiful and worthy piece attire, but women are now stepping outside the box and enjoy expressing themselves through an array of styles, colors and patterns.


Your thoughts: Female preachers/ministers?

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As a woman, I know all too well the ups and downs that women go through in life. The miracle of childbirth, the countless hours of homework, chores, cooking, wiping butts, wiping tears, listening to your husband tell you about who knows what (because you’re only halfway listening to him)….”Yes, dear”…”Oh, really?…”Wow.”…..Yep, it’s called multi-tasking. Although most men would say we are ignoring them, actually, we are listening to you and at the same time planning dinner, setting aside time to “play” with you later and determining what time to put the kids in the tub.

It’s mentally draining. But, even with all of women’s star qualities, we still are underpaid, overworked, unappreciated and sub par in some people’s eyes. But, we also are genuine, thoughtful, loving, caring, supportive, heck, maybe even a little smarter.  🙂  We are just as good as men, right?

So, the hot question today on my Hubpages profile is:

Are women fit to become teachers or ministers?

You really must join in on this one. There are all sorts of views and comments being made…from “women have their place”…to…”why not?”.

The woman in the picture is Joyce Meyer, a female minister, who, unlike some preachers has an approach to preaching that’s like none I’ve ever seen. Because she is a woman, does that make her message any less worthy than a man? Are men threatened by a woman who may be better at explaining things than they do? Is she stepping outside of her womanly duties by spreading the Word of God?

I’m loving all the drama…but more importantly, its great to see how others feel on this subject and open up some sort of dialogue. Want to put your 2 cents in? Or read what others have to say?

Sound off by clicking  here.

Or copy-and-paste the link below. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


Like this post? Why not repost it or tweet it? And, I challenge everyone who has not heard or seen Joyce Meyer, to check her out and judge for yourself.

Blessings to all,


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