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A Little Piece of Peace: A Tribute to Scarymommy

08.07.10 Jill and Krystle

Image by Lotus Carroll via Flickr

The spirit moves in everyone differently. Some people choose to ignore its presence, while others take it and run free. I grew up in Detroit, moved to a suburb of Detroit (Southfield) when I was a tween and have seen the bottom of the pot in more of my days than I care to remember…I certainly have licked it clean time and time again.

I know how the “system” works. Welfare, WIC, food stamps, medicaid, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, churches, social organizations…I know it all. People in my family come to me when they need help for finding a resource. I don’t know quite how that makes me feel…that I’m the “go-to-it-person” for being poor. But now, I have embraced it. I know my place. Maybe I was never meant to be rich; but what I was meant to do was give people a little piece of peace.

Okay, so enough of the lows…let’s get to the highs.

When I lived in Michigan, there was sooo much help available, IF you knew where to find it. When I moved to Arizona, it was a whole different ball game. Oh, they have the usual organizations: Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, churches, etc. But there was a difference. See, Arizona was not prepared for the population boom that hit it a couple years ago. The economy went down and people moved to where they might be able to make a difference in their lives. There has been such an overwhelming amount of help needed out here that charitable organizations are forced to do “lottery-style” assistance.

What do I mean by that? For instance, in Tempe, Arizona. If you need help with your rent, you call the TCAA (Tempe Community Action Agency) on Fridays at 8:00 am. Or, you call the Salvation Army on Mondays at 9:00 am, or something like that. Anyway, what you don’t know is that out of the thousands of calls that are flooding their phone lines at that precise call-in time, they only take about 10-20 calls and thus, only help about 10-20 people per week. Never have I seen such a thing! Get a busy signal, hang up, hit redial…over and over again. Only to finally get through 30 minutes later and be told you have to call back next week! Whoever can dial the fastest, or is smart enough to dial from two different phones is the “winner” of not being evicted. Sad, but true. (I know from experience.)

I had all but given up on the “system” and chucked it off to…the government/people  just doesn’t care. That was, until I came across an angel in disguise as a woman. Scarymommy is what they call her, although to know of her, she is really not that scary. An angel, I say, because she had the wonderful idea and the courage to actually help people less fortunate than her.

She figured that about $25 would be enough to cover Thanksgiving dinner, posted it on her website and did an “all call” for donors and people in need. The result? Over $18,000 donations from all over the WORLD. As result of people getting the word out ( I was one of them) and people opening up their hearts; therefore, their wallets. Almost 400 families will be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner next week (I am also one of them).

So what does this all mean? That there is still good in the world. That we CAN actually help each other if we want to. That one person CAN make a difference. That we should all slow down, enjoy life and embrace the “scary” in each of us. So, sit back in your chair. Close your eyes and for a at peace…knowing that angels really do exist and you can find them at 

(Scary, if you’re reading this, count me in for Thanksgiving next year and the year after that and anything else you need help with.)

Christmas is coming up. How can YOU make a difference in someone else’s life?

Evicted: 101 year old woman thrown out in the street

What kind of world are we in where someone would actually put a 101 year old woman out on the street? Hearing this makes me cringe. Watching the video makes me cry. Literally, it made me cry. You can watch the video here:

(I must warn you and let you know that it is a little unsettling watching the woman)

We really need to find ways to pull together. This world is going to hell in a handbasket. We need prayer people, we need people to pull together and find ways to actually help, not just talk about it. Let me know what you think. And if you need help with rent, diapers, food, utilities, read my article. It has great tips and links that REALLY CAN HELP YOU.

As for those people who actually carried her things out and put them on the street, I know you were just doing your job, but shame on you. I’ve always thought that you job reflects the type of person you are; or at least it should. Had it been me, I probably would have been out of a job because I have a conscience.

I have nothing but deep admiration for anyone that has been blessed enough to live that long. She is a wealth of history of trials and tribulations and perseverance. If you know someone who is elderly in your neighborhood, stop and ask them how they are doing. Ask them if they need anything. Strike up a conversation. Cook them a meal. Give them a ride. They are everyone’s history and they deserve so much more than what we give them.

For assistance with your own rent, utilities, etc., click here: Help or Assistance Needed? The Art of Living Hand to Mouth

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