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Fire Your Cable Company!!


Image representing Vudu as depicted in CrunchBase


We’re in a recession, the economy is sluggish, jobs are just starting to come back to life….yet the cable and satellite companies still prices?!

Unfortunately yes, and we pay a pretty penny for those 0’s and 1’s to be sent through our TV screens, but there are alternatives to cable and satellite out there that will still give you a great selection of TV series and movies to watch.

Companies are becoming more aware of the consumers needs and that’s evident with so many rental kiosks and online streaming opportunities. No one really has money to spend $10-$15 on a movie theater ticket – and don’t even get me started on concession food prices!! Going to the movies is becoming more of a luxury than an every-weekend thing.

Check out this article for ways you can watch movies, TV shows and foreign and independent films for pennies on the dollar, right from the comfort of your own home!

TV Alternatives to Cable & Satellite:

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